The Feedback

What our clients say

“Making our pets last moments the most comfortable is so important and this is what Compassion At Home does.”

Jake’s Aunt

“Thank you Dr. Furey for the peaceful crossing of our beloved friend over the rainbow bridge.”

Tex’s mom

"There is a special place in heaven for people like Dr. Puddester who came to my home tonight to help my Bailey make his exit in the most peaceful way possible.”

Bailey's mom

“Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and gentleness. It made a difficult decision so much easier.”

Buddy’s mom

Here are some additional testimonials from our wonderful clients:

“Dr. Puddester: It was a pleasure to have met you last Monday night, even under such sad circumstances. Your compassion was evident immediately. Belle’s last minutes were as comfortable as they could have been. I was greatly comforted by the fact that she passed in her home with as little discomfort as possible. I still feel her around and I know this summer she’ll be helping me in the garden as she always did. She couldn’t have been in better hands and I thank you again for your compassion, comfort and support.” 

Jean, Belle's mom

“Dr. Puddester helped me say goodbye to Jack and although it was still sad and difficult, it was so much better than other times when I’ve had to be in the clinic. No stress or fear for Jack, no inconvenience/tearful waiting room experience for me. I highly, highly recommend that the word gets out about this wonderful service, so I’m spreading the word to other pet owners. Krista was just wonderful and it made everything just so much easier. None of us want to think about such a time for our animals, but it’s important to be aware of this option. I can’t say enough about how wonderful a service she provides. Also, her method for euthanizing rabbits is much more peaceful and less stressful than the normal method clinics use, and allows you to hold your rabbit in your arms until the end (they often are taken from you in the clinic).”

Marsha, Jack's mom

“I can’t express enough the peace your service has brought to us.  I feel like it was such a gift that we could all be together with Chase in the comfort of our home.  Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.”

Lisa, Chase's mom

“It has been a hard week for us, as you can imagine but I would like to thank Dr. Furey for the kindness and compassion she gave our family when we said goodbye to our precious Mattie.  You offer such a vital service to pet owners and I am so grateful that I found you. She gave us the peace and comfort of saying goodbye at home. But most importantly, Mattie passed over to Rainbow Bridge in his human father’s arm, in his own home.” 

Renate, Mattie's mom

“Having to put a loved family pet down is a very difficult decision and your service along with your compassion during this difficult time is very much appreciated. Karla and Craig were both very kind, compassionate and caring.” 

Marie, Chance's mom

“Thank you for allowing my dear friend Cookie-Lou to transition from this world to the next peacefully and for allowing her people to share that peace with her. God love ya! I sure do!!”

Terry, Cookie-Lou's friend