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The Procedure

When Compassion At Home's veterinarian arrives at your home, a brief physical examination will be performed. A consent form must also be signed before the procedure begins.

The veterinarian will then discuss the procedure and outcomes with those present. Sometimes when a pet is put to sleep, they will not close their eyes. Other animals may lose bladder or bowel control, so the initial explanation will assist in determining where in your home the euthanasia will occur. Finally, after your pet has passed, there may appear to be a final few breaths taken or muscle/nerve tremors.

Following the above discussion, your pet will be sedated. The level of sedation expected to be achieved will be equivalent to a low plane of anaesthesia, which will be delivered via injection. Full sedation is usually achieved in less than 5 minutes. A second dose of sedative may sometimes be required.

Another injection will then be delivered to your animal. This injection consists of the euthanasia solution, causing your pet's heart to stop beating. Veterinary confirmation will occur by listening to your pet's chest with a stethoscope. A second dose of euthanasia solution may be required.


Dr. Krista Puddester
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