Compassion At Home

The Aftercare

Compassion At Home will arrange the aftercare of your pets remains with you during your telephone consultation and confirm it again at your home.

Compassion At Home provides 3 options for the remains once your pet has passed:

  1. Burial at Home: You may like to make your own arrangements with your pet. For example, some owners may like to arrange a private burial ceremony for their animal. If this option is selected, Compassion At Home's veterinarian will leave your home following the confirmation of your pet's passing.

  2. Private Cremation: We can make arrangements through the local Pet Crematorium to have your beloved pet privately cremated and the ashes returned to you. Typically, we will drop your pet off at the crematorium and you will pick up his or her ashes and pay for that portion of the service separately. You may also wish to arrange for Private Cremation yourself; both drop off and pick up. Contact information for the crematorium can be found under 'The Support' section.

  3. Cremation only: We will take your pet's body after they have passed and arrange for cremation with no return of ashes. Your pet's ashes will be buried with the ashes of other cherished pets. This is a lower cost option and the cost of this service will be paid to Compassion At Home.


Dr. Krista Puddester
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